title. Coffee Fermentation Egg

date. 17 January 2022

city. Ho Chi Minh, Dak Nong

Growing up in a country that accounts for the world’s second biggest coffee exports, has made me an avid coffee drinker. Ironically, I find the flavours of robusta beans - the main variety produced locally, less fruity and exciting than arabica beans the majority of which are cultivated overseas. It is not surprising that the former fetches a lower price. When I learnt that through fermentation processes such as carbonic marceration, new flavours can develop, I became curious about whether taste of robusta beans can be enhanced with carbonic marceration, a method commonly employed in wine-making industries. If we can successfully enhance the taste of robusta beans this way, it would potentially increase the values of robusta beans and their pricing for local farmers, thereby improving their livelihood.

My idea is making a controlled carbonic fermentation chamber for coffee beans, as well as other food. Essentially it allows coffee beans to ferment in the absence of oxygen, while allowing CO2 released in the process to get out.

For more details, take a look at my project documentation site.