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project. Sustainable Cup Challenge

date. February - April 2014

site.  Dumbo, New York City

collaborators.  Sustainable Cup Challenge fellows

In this fellowship program offered by the DO School in collaboration with New York City's Office of Long Term Planning and Sustainability, I was one of the 18 aspiring social entrepreneurs selected to create an innovative and sustainable to-go cup, as well as a related infrastructure and campaign. The goal is to tackle the packaging waste resulting from 7 million to-go cups disposed in landfills around New York City every day.


Within 10 weeks, our team developed and tested a reusable to-go cup sharing program at Brooklyn Roasting Company premise in April 2014. The quick system adoption by the local community was beyond our expectation. Not only did we prototype the system, we also launched a communication campaign with events around New York to promote the final solution.


The project was covered by CNBC and Wall Street Journal.


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