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title. Live Fab Love

date. November 2015

city. Ho Chi Minh

collaborator. Fablab Saigon community


I recently took on a part-time role at Fablab Saigon, the first makerspace in Ho Chi Minh City. Without saying, this place attracts a lot of guys who are into IoT, 3D-printing and drones. I am, however, determined to make our space more welcoming even to the non-techies and women. As the newly painted walls of Fablab Saigon await daring hands of creative destruction, I thought, why not make a wall-decor piece that's open to contribution from our community members? Most importantly, it has to be easy enough even to folks who have never done anything remotely artsy, to participate, while being low-cost since we had a very very small budget. That's how this string art project was born.

First, I had a couple of guys  in the lab to assemble a wooden backdrop from used pallet wood. Based on a character template that I printed out, we nailed along their outlines to create a structure for weaving a yarn thread around. I then put the work in progress in the entrance corridor of our lab. Anyone who came in is invited to lend a hand to complete the artwork. Soon enough, we finished our first piece of communal string art together, one that is not only made by our community but also showcases our common love for Fab(rication).

is the creation of bubbles (like caviar) that burst in your mouth. This is done by mixing the main ingredient with calcium lactate and add droplets of the mixture into a bath of sodium alginate.

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