title. Musical River (Neo No Nero)

date. August 2016

city. Ogaki (Gifu, Japan)

collaborators. Jun Kamei, Wryneth Gay Mayapit, Praychayon Punda

In August 2016, invited by the Japan Foundation,  I participated in a summer camp called Hack The World held at IAMAS, a well-known media art school in Japan. We went on a field trip to Neo, a remote village in Gifu Prefecture, sitting by a beautiful river. There we brainstormed ways to revitalize this aging village with media-art approaches. That's when our team came up with the idea of letting the beloved river of Neo set the scene for a lantern and musical festival, in the hope that it will attract youngsters back to the village and create opportunities for interaction between Neo's rural community and city dwellers.


How it works: When our sensing device, installed in the middle of the water, detects a lantern passing by, it will play a musical note. As more lanterns float by at different locations, different sounds will be played, creating a symphony, one that is directed by none other than the river itself.

This is my first time playing with Adafruit Waveshield and I really enjoyed it.

More at: http://www.iamas.ac.jp/hack_the_world