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title. A circular paper-making experience

date. January 2020

city. Ho Chi Minh

collaborator. Nhu Nguyen

Starting with an interest in designing circular materials from agricultural waste, we have identified a plant whose waste bark fibre is suitable for making paper. The leaves of this plant are used as feedstock and the branches discarded once the leaves are harvested. Often, they are stacked along countryside roads until they are dried enough for farmers to burn, creating a lot of air pollution. We made sure that the fibres are extracted in an eco-friendly way, avoiding any industrial chemicals. 

Following a month of research and experiments, we offered this workshop to the public so that others can experience the wonderful tradition of paper-making with their own hands, just as we did. If properly scaled to take advantage of all the wasted branches from farms, we can relieve farmers of the need to dispose the waste and reduce the air pollution from open-air burning in the region too.

Last but not least, once the paper is fully dried, participants will have a blank page on which creative artworks can take shape.

For more about workshop, please check out:

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