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title. Home-made Ginger Ale

date. April 2016

city. Ho Chi Minh

As my 29th birthday approached, I started thinking about how to make it a little more fun. And then, the idea of brewing my own alcohol just clicked. Traditionally, ginger ale is made using ginger that has been fermented in a sugary water. However, this method takes several weeks to produce a fizzy drink. There is a quicker alternative that takes only 2-3 days - the yeast starter method - and that's what I went for. 

A word of caution: Don't rush to open a gaseous bottle when it has been shaken during transportation, and avoid facing the bottle cap in all cases. You never know! One of my friends got showered in the sweet gingery liquid that oozed out because he was too eager to open the bottle.


This is the recipe I used.

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