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Hello from Vietnam!

My name is Mai Nguyen.

I'm a curious girl with an eye for nature, technology, cultural adventures and making things. Over the past decade, my wide range of interests has got me dabble in various fields, from industrial robotics to maker education, from electronics to printmaking, and social entrepreneurship. It might be quite confusing to define what I do, but a few themes stand out: hands-on, arts and culture, sustainable development and multi-disciplinary research and design.


Currently I am the director of Meye Creative, a design consulting company specializing on sustainable development solutions and creative education. Part of our work is running INGO, a social venture aiming to help young generations re-discover Vietnamese cultural heritage through hands-on products and experiences, starting with a traditional printmaking kit.

Since 2019, together with a maker friend, I also set up Fablab Saigon at Toong Vista Verde - a community makerspace and provider of digital fabrication in Vietnam, having supported its business development and growth from a weekend club to a recognizable name among the international maker community, before focusing on INGO. Prior to that, I commissioned robotics automation projects for a global robotics company from 2011 to 2014.

Please drop me a message below if you would like to discuss my works or do something together.



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