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title. Lockdown creative challenge

date. 26 April 2020

city. around the world

collaborator. my family and friends

The brief: 

On my birthday, I am giving you a creative challenge


I was born on Sunday April 26th..

Tomorrow it is Sunday April 26th. In my life, this only occurs every 5, 6 or 11 years. And this year it falls on a period where many of you are on lockdown. So I thought, let's get you to do something fun (hopefully!).


Tomorrow instead of writing me a happy birthday, can you take a picture where you put anything together to write my name? The idea came from my German friend Theresa who did it with a .... dough several years ago, but you can use anything on hand. And all the letters need not be from the same material.

Once done, please post it on my timeline.

I can't wait to see what you'll come up with. Be creative, and stay active even when at home. I wish you all a nice weekend and hope you are well wherever you are!


Check out the responses below

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