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title. Sugar cane protect you

date. 25 February 2020

city. Ho Chi Minh

collaborator. Nhu Nguyen

As Covid-19 spread, there was a shortage of sanitizers. I thought, why fret? We can learn to distill alcohol from sugarcane juice, which is cheap and readily available. 


With that thought, we immediately pulled in a homebrew expert from the maker community. He taught us the rope of rum-making in no time. All we needed to buy were a copper pipe, a temperature controller, an alcohol meter, some ice for cooling and plenty of sugarcane juice. The fermentation process took about 4-5 days, followed by distilling.

The highest alcohol percentage achieved was around 40%, not high enough to kill the coronavirus as that would require at least 80%, unless a double or triple distill is done. would That being said, everyone agrees it was good enough for a cocktail party.

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